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Definitely A Winner !

Cindy D. said - My boyfriend absolutely loved this ! This is our first date night in 2017 ! He loves astronomy and this was the perfect gift ! Definitely unique !

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Not The Happiest

Savanna said - One I received my picture, it was gorgeous, but I noticed some tearing/bending marks on the picture itself. Which don't look good!

MicaStarMaps: I'm sorry that your map had bending on it but that must have happened during shipping. We will be sending you a new one immediately. Sorry about the issues.

Baby Boy

Carrie said - Amazing love both of my stars maps

Review Image

Star Map

Autumn said - This made a great gift for my boyfriend. He absolutely loved it and thought it was very sweet. Highly recommend. Great gift for the holidays or any special occasion or just cause.

A Perfect Meaningful Gift ????

Aysia said - I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday, it was sentimental and is a great gift idea for women or men

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Great Anniversary Idea

Abby said - I love the concept and can't wait to give it as anniversary gift. The font is wrong though, i wonder if that could be fixed. If so id be a very happy costumer!

MicaStarMaps: I'm happy to see that you love it. Since you were not 100% satisfied, we sent you a new print for free with exactly what you asked for. Hope you like your new one.


Jessica G. said - This was amazing. It’s too bad that the day it arrived we broke up! Took me a week to open it and the quality was astounding. Will order again in the future and recommend to others.

Wrong Date

Shannon H. said - The date was wrong on the replacement so I’m not very satisfied but it is what it is!

MicaStarMaps: Unfortunately there is no way to check the the date you put on your map but we want you to be completely satisfied. We will be sending you a free new map based on correction you made. Please let us know how you like the new one.


Rosalyn W. said - I ordered our star map to help my young (3,4) grandsons with the death of their great grandfather. When we told them he had died, they asked where he was now. We said that he’s up in the sky, with God. He can look down and see us. We had also been reading them The Invisible String( a great book about loss). They told me that Zadi is now a star in a constellation. They look in the sky at night and usually find a twinkling star they call Zadi. Of course they needed a star map with the time/date/location of their beloved Zadi ‘s death

Amazing Customer Service

Erica said - I made a mistake on my order and tried to fix it. Somehow the order system reverted back to my original map that was wrong. I immediately emailed the company and told them of my mistake. Some time went by and I had not hear back from them. I did however find 3 emails that had been sent to my spam with someone trying to contact me to fix the issue! They did and then promptly sent out my map. Fantastic!!! Its perfect now! Thank you so much for caring.

Love Our Map

Monica M. said - This was a beautiful & inexpensive gift for our anniversary. The frame I purchased to display the map was perfect.

Shipping Time Is Awful

Melinda said - I ordered on 11/2 and have not received. A new one was supposed to be shipped but I’ve not received it either.

MicaStarMaps: I'm sorry that you did not receive your package on time the first time but it seems like the post office lost it. We shipped a new one immediately which should be arriving tomorrow.

Star Chart Of When Me And My Boyfriend Met

Isabel A. said - I just love it! It's a present for my partner but tempted to keep it for myself! Might need to order another! It looks so lovely.


Madeleine said - It looks good and customer service is amazing! Thank you so much

Make Sure You Check Everything If You Do An Edit On The Text The Year Resets Mine Ended Up

Michelle said - I was actually very sad as I made a grammatical error I messaged to correct that and when I added the corrections I didn’t realize the year auto changed again after I adjusted it to the correct one and so it is no longer correct abs being the disclaimer and edit I just threw it out

MicaStarMaps: I'm sorry that you made an error while spelling so we will be sending you a new one for free based on your correction. Please let us know how you like it once it gets there..


Madelynn said - I love it so much! It’s just the way I imagined it! Highly recommend!

Love My Star Map!

Melissa said - I am in love with my start map! My boyfriend loves it as well. Very happy with my purchase. Will be ordering more ❤️

Digital Copy

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Christina M. said - I didn't think this would make him cry so hard. But it for real did. I won Valentine's Day.

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Star Maps Amazing

Lyndsey said - When I had the star map printed out, it exceeded my expectations. When I gave it to my brother, his reaction was absolutely priceless. More family members will be receiving this gift from me. Thank you so much

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Best Bday Gift Ever

George said - This is the best and most unique birthday present i could have gotten my son. So happy i found this idea

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Quick, Easy And Great!!! 100% Satisfied!!!

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Beautiful Star Map

Debby said - Thank you for this beautiful application, it's a lovely stylish gift for yourself or others Very grateful that you've made it available

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The Very Best Customer Service

Heather said - I ordered and received my star map quickly. However, once I opened it, I realized I made a mistake on the personalization. Within ONE HOUR of my initial email inquiring about exchange, reordering, etc., I had a new, correct map designed and on it's way. Completely blown away how fast and courteous your customer service is. You should be very proud. My map was beautiful. Thank you.

Thoughtful Gift To Your Love One

Jessica said - This is perfect! Absolutely love the product... Will recommend this to others!

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Gina said - Everything is perfect, the map looks wonderful! I've already printed and framed it so it's ready as an anniversary present. Thank you very very much!

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Absolutely Priceless!

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5 Stars

Camilla said - I loved it!


Nika said - Awesome page.

Star Map

Chloe said - This is absolutely fantastic!! It was exactly what I was looking for and more. The finish was really clear and beautiful and the person I got it for loved it to bits! And its so nice to find a version that didn't cost me an arm and a leg, I just customised it, printed it out and bought a frame.

Review Image


Ree said - I wanted to get one for a close friends wedding but felt it wasn't that special. I created 4 maps from their first meeting, date, engagement and wedding and put them into a collage! Its amaxing and I can't wait to give it to them. Thanks so much for making this app so easy to access!! You're the best

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Star Map

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Great Map!

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Zee said - Creative and provides more options than other websites. It also supports different languages which is very very helpful


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Star Maps Amazing

Lyndsey H. said - I’ve got 2 star maps & they are both amazing and will be excellent presents

A Big Thank You

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Cosmic Perspective On A Beautiful Birthday

Vamshee said - I gave the love of my life a gift from micastarmaps recently. She loved this unique gift! Instead of a framed poster i created a greeting card instead.

Sky Map For The Day I Was Born

Cheryl said - I am so excited to see the sky on the day I was born it’s just beautiful thank you so much

Personalized Star Map

Tracey said - Its easy and the end result is fun!

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