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Star Map

Katarina said - Thank you very much! Star map is awsome!

So Beautiful

Beckey said - This is a very thoughtful way to show someone you love them. It is so beautiful and amazing. I love I can make one for each of my kids.

The Night Sky

Freddy S. said - Great website, Great service, very recomended


A said - Thanks!

The Best!

Leslie said - The resolution is amazing and I loved everything about this! Also my boyfriend loved it!!


Libor said - Beautiful idea and even better result. Framed it and gave as a gift to my wife remember the Day of out marriage!


Nadia A. said - I love it!

Excellent Idea

Nikos said - Its amazing. Very grateful for the idea and the customise.

Love Mica Star Maps

Rizky N. said - This is so cool. Thank you


Sidney said - Ficou perfeito! e de graça! parabéns aos desenvolvedores!!!

So Good

K said - My favorite gift of all time! Thank you for making it

Best Gift!

Ana M. said - My boyfriend loved it, it's a great idea for a meaningful gift!


Lisa B. said - omg IT'S SO AMAZING i loved thxxxx

Absolutely Beautiful

De said - I love this website! The layout is simple, but the product is beautiful. Have told my family & will continue to create maps

Great Service

Dijana said - Thank you :)

More Than I Expected

Felippe said - Thank you a lot! Y’all made my year with my girl! I’m speechless

Best Gift For New Boyfriend

Monicka said - He loved it! Thank you!

They Look Awesome

Juliana said - I love the way the maps turned out. They're perfect!! Thank you so much for making them for me and I'm sure my babies will love them when they're old enough!! This is a great site and they are extremely fast when it comes to sending you your custom star maps. Definitely recommend.

Great Job Deserves Deep Appreciation

Abed H. said - .


Lucas said - Perfeito


Sinead said - Brilliant app loved it


Janya said - Totally loved it! Working on the gift but thank you so much!!!!

Thank You!

Mj said - Thank you! I printed for my GF and she loved!

My Boyfriend Loved It!

Dynestie said - I made a framed picture for my boyfriend for our anniversary. He loved it! He thought it was so creative and thoughtful. He hung it up in the room.

Dont Spend Lots Of Money

Catherine said - Cheap printing & frame, ends up costing $25!!!!!! Do not spend $100+ on the exact same thing! This was amazing and I highly recommend. Only improvement would be the order of the date but other than that 10/10


Victoria said - I have looked everywhere for a generator like this. Thanks so much!

Inspirational Gift For Bbf

Anna said - I've been looking for an idea for a very long time until I found this website. This is GREAT! My friend was shocked in a good way! I changed the writing with PhotoShop a bit - coordinates instead of city name but still ~ this is so cool, I am thinking about creating my personal map

The Best

Mario P. said - Just great for gifts, from birthday to aniversary, its perfect. High quality too.


Ayda said - i love it!! can't wait to gift it to my girlfriend;)x

Incredibly Pleased!

Ashley said - To be honest, I didn’t print it on the recommended paper type. I used what I had—ledger size paper. I found a photo frame the appropriate size and I’m happy to say the finished product looks amazing. There’s no pixelation and it’s nice and crisp. I can’t wait to gift it tomorrow! Thank you for an affordable anniversary gift!

Thank You For Your Work

Martina said - It is the best present for first birthday :D

The Best!

William M. said - I can't stop making new star maps for my friends and family. Thank you so much for creating this website.

Amazing Gift

Gabriel said - I love it and I hope she loves it too

Thak You!

Marlen said - Muy hermoso y buena calidad

Thanks, A Great Big Thanks

Ahmed S. said - I never had that ability afford something like this over the other places, theres where Mica makes out. I am an International Astronomy Olympiad delegate and guess how emotionally someone may be connected to it!

The Perfect Gift

Maria said - I just gave the star map as a gift for my best friend's 30th birthday. She loved it so much that started crying as she saw it. It really was the perfect gift. I printed it on photography paper, A3 size and it just looks beautiful. I was asked by other friends where to get one and I sure will recomend Mica Star Maps. I already saw the changes in the new layout and have to sat that I love the fonts available for titles. I just wish we could still add 3 lines of text.

Mica Map

Louise said - I was so happy with the Map, Amazing service. would recommend to everyone.

Excellent Work

Marcela R. said - THE PERFECT GIFT


Kristen said - This is exactly what I was looking for! I printed it as a poster at CVS and it looks great. Thank you so much.

Love This So Much

Tarnya said - Thank you for making the perfect gift/ memory 100% will be telling everyone i no

Star Maps

Analisa said - Amazing gift. Thankyou


Mona said - i really appreciate what u are doing. everything is great in ur website . if u increase the options for background it will be great and wonderful especially background with space them.

Thank You!

Mj said - I loved so much and pretty sure my girlfriend will too! I'm going to frame it and give it to her on our 1y anniversary <3

Best Gift Ever

Daphne said - So good that it made us both emotional, THIS IS THE BESTTTTT

Star Maps

Dan said - Top quality. Great stuff for anyone looking to get a star map made without paying the ridiculous online prices!


Nev said - Wow


Taylor said - It's very nice quality & clarity. I printed it out at 20" x 27" . I just haven't looked for a frame yet.


Linda said - Been looking around and couldnt afford it until I came across with this site. Amazing job!

Thanks A Lot

Araqsya said - Thank you!!!!

Sky Map

Elham said - Absolutely great!!!!! Thanks a million