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Bere said - I loved it! Incredible work guys!

Odlično, Hvala, Hvala, Hvala

Ana said - Divno

Amazing, Clever!

Elle said - Totally awesome, unreasonable that other websites are so expensive! Would love if you could add different fonts?

Great Thanks For The Map Given

Ahmad said - special thanks for your gift . it s awesome app *****


Hali said - I absolutely love it looks great on metal


Amirthan said - Allow to put caption at the top


Elinore said - Thanks so much for this! Really pretty <3

Thank You

Sujith said - Thank you very much for the good work..

Greetings From Russia!

Alexandr said - Hi! I am very grateful to you for what you are doing! Good luck in your endeavors!

An Amazing Map

Beatris said - Thank you for doing this for us .It is incredibile

My Review

Val said - I loved my map and my boyfriend loved it too, I would have liked to be able to change the font and move the text around. I didnt print it, i sent it to my boyfriend (we are in a long distance relationship) as a picture!


Flowers said - THANKS MICAAAAA


Sofia said - Incredible website to create a star map. I was struggling to find one and this one saved my life. Amazing work!! Thank you!!


Carolina H. said - Amazing,amazing,amazing!

Thank You A Million Times!

Hristijan M. said - The best gift I could give to my girlfriend. Thank you guys so much!

Amazing Service

Meeya said - Amazing site. Thank you for making this available to all. A beautiful and thoughtful gift for all occasions.

Love The Work...

Chandran D. said - Amazing work..... I cant believe the final outcome..its soo amazing.. really love and appreciate your hard work MICA STAR MAPS... It will be more better if we have any option to edit our font style and the color... Good luck..

Perfect Gift!

Charis said - I needed to find a star map that I could personalize and print myself, rather than send off for a company to print frame and ship and a birthday gift. And Mica Star Maps came through for me in spades! It came out perfectly and I was able to personalize it exactly the way I needed and frame it myself! Highly recommend, thank you so much!

Excellent Application

Wiwi said - Great application, made a picture for a birthday present and framed it. It was lovely. I wish you could only disable the "exact time" option. Because I had hard time searching for the correct time of birth. :D Otherwise amazing!

Love It

Victoria said - Love the way it came out, thank you! <3


Nazanin said - It was awesome♥️

Best Star Map Ever

Ducky said - Thanks for developing this,it helped me a lot.Simple interface and amazing result.I just wanted to ask you if there is a chance to make a compass on the star map in further versions of this platform ? You are the best. Cheers !

Our Story

Luzinde said - I absolutely love the results.

Awesome Starmap

Gilbers R. said - A perfect map, it's beatiful and i love it!!! keep up the good work.


Nessa said - Thank you for your amazing site. I made my own star map for my wedding anniversary using it. Thank you


Rohit said - The starmap was loved by everyone .. you guys are doing an excellent job

Love This!

Li said - This is amazing!!!!

Mahtab said - AMAZING!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

Really Touching

Ella said - that was really lovely! felt so happy when saw my birthday star map! reaally touching!


Donelda O. said - Totally awesome...!!


Jenny said - Was excited by the idea but all I saw in the net were pricey. Thank you so much! God bless you!

This Is Amazing

Aldina said - I am blown away


Nebojsa said - Absolutely love this, creative, thoughtful


Lívia F. said - Amei forte! Primeiro site que achei que não cobra e ainda não obriga a colocar a hora, porque nem sempre a gente lembra né? Haha


Krisha S. said - Thank you so much. My boyfriend was so happy. You just made our love story even better hahahah


Kenisha said - Such a fantastic website allowing people to create their own star map, without paying hundreds of dollars! Very grateful, highly recommend!


Yara said - amazing

The Story Of Us

Bea said - My 5th year anniversary gift to my boyfriend


Bree M. said - An excellent service with the same concept as other sites but without the ridiculous cost! Made a map for my husband and he absolutely loved it. Would recommend to everyone!

Great Tool!

Ainhoa said - Simply fantastic! Thank you!

Best Website Ever

Noura said - LOVE IT


Aleksandra said - Everything was so great!!!


Laur said - So I recently discovered this and it is awesomeeee

Amazing Gift...... And For Gree

Chris said - With zero money you can create a really valuable gift


Mirelle said - Very good


Yorke said - Such a good star map!

Best Star Maps Available

Caleb said - It was very disheartening to come up with the idea of making a nice star map goofy for a loved one, only to find out unaffordable due to the cost. Finding this site not only put the idea back on the table, it let me have much more creative design as the framing and presentation was entirely up to me and my choice. I'd recommend it to anyone.

The Best

Lhuoka said - It's the best

Perfect Map

Marija said - Really easy to use and beautiful. Thank you!


El said - I really like the service and the general design is simply amazing